Condemned Sorceress

The Loss of Faith

The best years of my Life

From age 17, Sandrine has had opportunities to act in various local theatre troops, such as "We Mise pa Mo", a Martinique group on Slavery; "Teat' Lari" Productions, leading theatre troop in her native island.

She played a main and intense part, as an iconic slave, and was very much photographed and published by/in both Local and National press agencies.
The groups toured many venues, as well as the Carnival, and were extremely popular as Cultural Inputs.

The music used for the performances was an extremely soulful piece by a writer very dear to the people of Martinique.
It was a great conducting force for emotional inspiration, to all.

Hands that rock the cradle

Her stage presence and performance won her rave reviews, and the productions were well covered by the local press. 
Her striking portrait won national photography competition organised by La Poste, French equivalent of the Post Office.
The latter production company offered a training workshop, based on Street 
theatre techniques, which she attended.
She then acted in their productions for the anniversary of Christopher Columbus' discocery of America, in 1992, and onwards.
 Along the years, she has learnt how the Director, Mr Jose Alpha, looked after his beloved artists, and projects. She has had the opportunity to assist backstage.
In London, she took part in a production of Aida, by an International Opera and Ballet company, Ellen Kent Productions. She played one of the slaves, and got both great oral compliments, and a great written reference from the directors.
Sandrine Anterrion has had a very wide range of emotional experiences, in her personal life; and has been able to intellectualize them, in order to transform them into powerful artistic material.
She is a very versatile actor, at ease with comedy, as well as dramatic characters.
She has taken a short course on Directing Different Plays, at the City Lit; and extends her knowledge and research whenever possible, in view of the long-term goal, to direct Opera productions.



Ghetto Chaplin

Joan of Arc studies

In London, Sandrine has had various parts as an extra in TV commercials.
She has also taken part in a music promotion video for rock band The Dead Eye Mariners.

Virginia Wolf Monologue

The Shining, movement parody

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